FREE and SAFE eMail For Children.

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Want A BuggMail Account?

There is a way to provide a safe environment online for children!

BuggMail! is dedicated to building and providing a safe environment online that children can use to learn how to email and chat properly. BuggMail! uses a unique algorithm that ensures children will ONLY receive emails that are safe and free from profanity, unwanted images, and uninvited guests. BuggMail! is the first step in a childs world of technology and with your help, BuggMail! can provide this adventure for FREE.

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Buggie BuggMail! FREE and SAFE eMail For Children!

Always SAFE, FREE, and FUN!

Check out what children can do with BuggMail!

BuggMail! BuggChat! BuggGames!

Children Will Learn The Very Basics Of Composing and Sending eMail as well as the ability to Chat with other children. Of Course, Kid Friendly Games Are Available and Soon Children Will Be Able To Get Help With Their Homework Through BuggMail!'s eLearning System!

Safe Photos

You Can Still Send and Receive Photos From Grandma! BuggMail!'s Unique Algorithm Prevents Unwanted Photos You Didn't Request. This Way, Children Don't See What They're Not Supposed Too!

Free to Use

BuggMail! Will ALWAYS Provide This Service For FREE!

Safety First!

No Profanity. No Inappropriate Images. Safe Browsing. And Most Importantly... BuggMail! Is Administered By Parents!

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